Basic General Knowledge (Part-1)

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Basic General Knowledge (Part 1) Ancient Indian History General  knowledge
Basic General Knowledge (Part 2) Modern Indian History General Knowledge

41.Which is the first Indian satellite
A. Columbia
B. Bhaskara
C. Aryabhatta
D. Rohini

Ans-C. Aryabhatta 

42.Which is the Smallest country in the World
A. Canada
B. Russia
C. Maldives
D. Vatican City
Ans-D. Vatican City 

43.Which is the brightest planet in our solar system?
A. Mars
B. Mercury
C. Neptune
D. Venus
Ans-D. Venus

44.Which is the Space vehicle launching station of India?
A. Pune
B. Trombay
C. Sriharikota
D. Thumba
Ans-C. Sriharikota

45.Which is the nearest planet to the sun?
B. Mercury
C. Jupiter
D. Saturn
Ans-B. Mercury

46.Who was the founder of D.D.T?
A. Mosley
B. Rudolf
C. Karl Benz
D. Dalton

Ans-A. Mosley

47.Which of the followings is the biggest port of India?
A. Kolkata
B. Cochin
C. Chennai
D. Mumbai
Ans-D. Mumbai

48.Which gas is used for making vegetables oil?
A. Oxygen
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Hydrogen
D. Nitrogen
Ans-C. Hydrogen

49.Sharavati project is situated in which of the following state?
B. Kerala
C. Andhra Pradesh
D. Karnataka
Ans-D. Karnataka

50.The main ore of Aluminium is
A. Iron
B. Cryolite
C. Bauxite
D. Haematite
Ans-C. Bauxite

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