Ancient indian history GK (Part-2)

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Ancient Indian History GK Part 2 General Quiz Questions and Answers

01. The Indus valley people traded with the?
A. Chinese
B. Parthians
C. Romans
D. Mesopotamians

Ans- D. Mesopotamians

02.The earliest city discovered in india was?
A. Rangpur
B. Sindh
C. Harappa
D. Mohenjodaro
Ans-C. Harappa

03.Mohanjodaro local name is?
A. Mound of the living
B. Mound of the survivor
C. Mound of the great
D. Mound of the dead
Ans-D. Mound of the dead

04.A copper chariot of Harappa times was discovered at?
A. Daimabad
B. Kuntal
C. Banawali
D. Rakhigarhi
Ans-A. Daimabad

05. Who among the following wrote Sanskrit grammar ?
A. Panini
B. Kalidasa
C. Charaka
D. Aryabhatt
Ans-A. Panini

06. The hymns of ‘Rigaveda’ are the work of ……… .
A. One author
B. many author
C. Seven author
D. Four author

Ans-B. Many author

07. The earliest settlement of Aryan tribes were at…..
A. Bengal
B. Delhi
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Sapta sindhu
Ans-D. Sapta sindhu

08. The God who is the most prominent in ‘ Rigaveda’ is……
A. Agni
B. Indra
C. Vishnu
D. Pasupati
Ans-B. Indra

09. Purushasukta is founded in the…..
A. Manusmriti
B. Bhagavad gita
C. Rigaved
D. Atharvaveda
Ans-C. Rigaveda

10. Who was the founder of Nanda dynasty?
A. Dhanananda
B. Ajatasatru
C. Bimbisara
D. Mahapadnanda
Ans-D. Mahapadnanda

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