Ancient indian history GK (Part-2)

Shear This

31. Harshavardhana was defeated by…
A. Sasanka
B. Pulkesin ll
C. Narasimhavarmana
D. Prabhakaravardhana

Ans- B. Pulkesin ll

32. Which one of the following was known as Chalcolithic Age?
A. Copper – Stone Age
B. Iron Age
C. Paliolithic Age
D. Neolithic Age
Ans-A. Copper Stone Age

33.Bhagavatism centred around the worship of…
A. Skanda
B. Siva
C. Vishnu
D. Bhagavati
Ans-C. Vishnu

34. Arabs were defeated in 738 AD by….
A. Palas
B. Chalukyas
C. Pratiharas
D. Rashtrakutas
Ans- C. Pratiharas

35. Mahabalilpuram was established by the…
A. Cholas
B. Pallavas
C. Pandyas
D. Chalukyas
Ans-B. Pallavas

36. The Vikramsila vihara was founded by…
A. Surapala
B. Devapala
C. Dharmapala
D. Mahipala I

Ans-A. Surapala

37. Carbon – dating is used to determine the age of…
A. Rocks
B. Plants
C. Fossils
D. None of these
Ans-C. Fossils

38. Where did the traveller Ibn batuta come from?
A. Turkey
B. Persia
C. Central Asia
D. Morocco
Ans-D. Morocco

39. Who was given the title of Andhra- Kavita-Pitamaha?
A. Madhav
B. Sayan
C. Peddana
D. Srinath
Ans-C. Peddana

40. ‘Gita Govinda’ the famous poem was written by…
A. Jayant
B. Jayachandra
C. Jayadeva
D. Jayasimha

Ans-C. Jayadeva

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