Ancient indian history GK (Part-2)

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Ancient Indian History GK Part 2 General Quiz Questions and Answers

71. Where did Babur die?
A. Kabul
B. Agra
C. Lahore
D. Delhi

Ans- B. Agra

72. During the Mughal rule, the copper coin was known as
A. tanka
B. dam
C. rupee
D. shamsi
Ans-B. Dam

73.Shivaji was crowned in the year….
A. 1666
B. 1664
C. 1674
D. 1670
Ans-C. 1674

74. Shersah was buried at…
A. Jaunpur
B. Patna
C. sasaram
D. Kalinjar
Ans-C. Sasaram

75. Revenue system during akbar’s regin was in the hands of…
A. Birbal
B. Todarmal
C. Bairam Khan
D. Man Singh
Ans-B. Todarmal

76. Which of the following dynasties succeeded sungas?
A. Guptas
B. Kushans
C. Kanvas
D. Satavahanas

Ans-C. Kanvas

77. Akbar merged Bengal and Bihar in the empire in…
A. 1575 A.D.
B. 1572 A.D.
C. 1590 A.D.
D. 1576 A.D.
Ans-D. 1576 A.D.

78. In which year was Sakabda/Saka Samvata started…
A. 420 A.D.
B. 58 B.C.
C. 273 B.C.
D. 78 A.D.
Ans-D. 78 A.D.

79. Shivaji died in the year?
Ans-C. 1680

80. Shivaji defeated the Mughals in the battle of…
A. Salhar
B. Purandhar
C. Shivner
D. raigarh
Ans-A. Salhar

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