Ancient Indian History GK (Part-1)

Shear This

41. The first king of Magadha kingdom in 6th century BC was
A. Bimbisara
B. Prasenjit
C. Ajatshatru
D. Jarasandha

Ans- A. Bimbisara

42. The first foreigner to invade in India was
A. Cyrus
B. Darius-I
C. Cambyses
D. Agrammes
Ans-A. Cyrus

43. The original teaching of Mahavira are contained in which of the following texts?
A. 12 Agnas
B. 14 Purvas
C. Tripitaka
D. Jatakas
Ans-B. 14 Purvas

44. The Jaina Philosophy holds that the world is created and maintained by
A. Universal law
B. Universal Truth
C. Universal Faith
D. Universal Soul
Ans-D. Universal Soul

45. The concept of “Eight Fold path” forms the theme of
A. Dipavamsa
B. Divyavandana
C. Mahaparinirvan Sutra
D. Dharmachakraparivartana Sutra
Ans-D. Dharmachakraparivartana Sutra

46. “Atman is everything and everything is Atman” is the ——— doctrine.
A. Buddhist
B. Jaina
C. Panthestic
D. Zoroastrian

Ans-C. Panthestic

47. Gautam Buddha gave his first sermon at
A. Lumbini
B. Vaishali
C. Sernath
D. Kaushambi
Ans-C. Sernath

48.The first Buddhist council was held in the reign of
A. Bimbisara
B. kalashoka
C. Ajatshatru
D. kanishka
Ans-C. Ajatshatru

49. Gautam Buddha was brought up by
A. Mahaprajapati
B. Gautami
C. Trisala
D. Mayadevi
Ans-B. Gautami

50. The crux of early Buddhism was
A. Renunciation of desire
B. Regorous penance
C. Belief in fatalism
D. Idol worship
Ans-A. Renunciation of desire

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