Ancient Indian History GK (Part-1)

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71. What does the painting of Ajanta delimitate?
A. Mahabharata
B. Jatakas
C. Panchatantra
D. Ramayana

Ans- B. Jatakas

72. Which among the following is the most oldest dynasty in India?
A. Maurya
B. Gupta
C. Kushan
D. Kanva
Ans-A. Maurya

73. Taxila University was in
A. Pakistan
B. Bangladesh
C. Burma
D. India
Ans-A. Pakistan

74. Who defeated Harshavardhana?
A. Pulkesin-II
B. Sasanka
C. Narasimhavarmana
D. Pravakarvardhana
Ans-A. Pulkesin-II

75. The decimal system was first introduced in India at the beginning of-
A. 2nd Century AD
B. 3rd Century AD
C. 4th Century AD
D. 5th Century AD
Ans-D. 5th Century AD

76. The famous Chinse pilgrim Fahien visited India in which century?
A. 4th century AD
B. 5th century AD
C. 6th century AD
D. 7th century AD

Ans-B. 5th century AD

77. In Gupta period, the silver coin was known as
A. Dinar
B. Rupyaka
C. Satamana
D. Karsharpana
Ans-B. Rupyaka

78. Which was the official language of Gupta era?
A. Pali
B. Magadhi
C. Sanskrit
D. Prakrit
Ans-C. Sanskrit

79. Who wrote ‘Mrichchakatika?
A. Banbhatta
B. Sudraka
C. Vikramaditya
D. Kalhan
Ans-B. Sudraka

80. Cotton was first cultivated for textile purpose in-
B. Mesopotamia
C. Egypt
D. India
Ans-D. India

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