Chemical Names and Formula of Some Compounds

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01. What is the chemical name of Slaked Lime?
A. Amonium chloride
B. Calcium Chloride
C. Calcium Hydroxide
D. Sodium Hydroxide

Ans- C. Calcium Hydroxide{Ca(OH)2}

02. What is the chemical name of Dry Ice?
A. Sodium Sulphate
B. Silicon Oxide
C. Calcium Sulphate
D. Solid Carbondioxide
Ans-D. Solid Carbondioxide(CO2)

03. What is the Chemical Name of Bleaching powder?
A. Calcium Oxychloride
B. Calcium Sulphate
C. Calcium Oxide
D. Ferrous Sulphate
Ans-A. Calcium Oxychloride

04. The chemical formula of Bleaching powder is——–.
A. Ca(OH)2
B. CaOCl
C. CaOCl2
D. CaOCl3
Ans- C. CaOCl2

05. The chemical name of Nausadar is —–.
A. Slaked lime
B. Sodium Hydroxide
C. Sodium Sulphate
D. Amonium Chloride
Ans-D. Amonium Chloride

06. What is the chemical formula of Nausadar?
A. NH3Cl
B. NH4
C. NH4Cl
D. NHCl2

Ans-C. NH4Cl

07. What is the chemical name of Caustic Soda?
A. Calcium oxide
B. Calcium Hydroxide
C. Sodium Hydroxide
D. Sodium Bicarbonate
Ans-C. Sodium Hydroxide

08. What is the chemical formula Caustic Soda?
A. Na(OH)2
D. Ca(OH)
Ans-B. NaOH

09. Sodium Chloride also called?
A. Rock salt
B. Potash Alum
C. Sodim carbonate
D. None of the above
Ans-A. Rock salt

10. What is the chemical Formula of eating salt?
A. NaCl
B. NaCl2
C. NaCO3
Ans-A. NaCl

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