Current Affairs Questions: August 2019

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11. Former Chief minister babulal Gaur recently passed away. He was the former chief Minister of-
A. M.P
B. U.P
C. Uttarakhand
D. Hariyana

Ans. A. M.P (current Chief minister of M.P is Kamalnath and Governor is Lalaji Tandan)

12. Recently who has been elected as an Honorary life Member of the Marylebone Cricket Club?
A. Michel Johnson
B. Muthaia Murlidharan
C. Lara
D. Stiv Smith
Ans. A. Michel Johnson( He was a Former Australian Bowler)

13. Karnataka state has categorized Nicotine as ______poison.
A. Class B
B. Class A
C. Class D
D. Class F
Ans- B. Class A

14. Shri Amit Shah presides the _________ of the Western Zonal Council at Panaji.
A.29th Meeting
B.24th Meeting
C.26th Meeting
D.28th Meeting

Ans. Ans: Option B
Explanation: Shri Amit Shah presided the 24th Meeting of Western Zonal Council at Panaji.

15.Which country to launch e-commerce portal Bharatcraft for MSMEs
D.Saudi Arabia
Ans. Ans: Option B (Explanation: recently India launches e-commerce portal Bharatcraft for MSMEs.)

16.RBI allows recurring transactions up to _________ on cards from Sep-1
Ans. Ans: Option B
Explanation: RBI allows recurring transactions up to 2000 on cards from Sep 1

17. How many Indian mountain peaks are open for tourism?
Ans. Ans: Option B
Explanation: India opened 137 mountain peaks for tourism.

18.Which of the following country to send a humanoid robot to ISS (International Space Station).
A.South Africa
Ans. Ans: Option B (Explanation: Russia launches its first humanoid robot named FEDOR in International Space Station (ISS). For the first time, a life-size humanoid robot sent into space by Russia. It was launched onboard of unmanned Soyuz MS-14 rocket from Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Fedor stands for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research

19. What is the name of the humanoid robot that was sent to ISS by Russia?
Ans. Ans: Option B
Explanation: Russia has sent a humanoid robot to the International Space Station (ISS) on a 10-day mission to support the astronauts on board. The name of the humanoid robot is Fedor. The Skybot F-850 became the first humanoid robot to be sent to space by Russia after it was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on 22 August.

20. Where was the 2+2 inter-sessional and the Maritime Security Dialogue between India and the U.S. officials held?
D.San Francisco
Ans. Ans: Option A

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