Basic general Knowledge (Part-2)

Shear This

51. The study of birds is called?
A. Osteology
B. Ornithology
C. Pomology
D. Pedology

Ans- B. Ornithology

52. The study of algae is called
A. Phycology
B. Pedology
C. Pathology
D. Virology
Ans-A. Phycology

53. The study of Fish is called?
A. Pedology
B. Pisciculture
C. Pomology
D. Serpentology
Ans-B. Pisciculture

54. Which one of the following is the chemical name of Baking Powder?
A. Sodium Thiosulphate
B. Sodium Bicarbonate
C. Calcium Carbonate
D. Sodium Hydroxide
Ans-B. Sodium Bicarbonate

55. What is Dry-Ice?
A. Solid Ice
B. Solid Carbondioxide
C. Sodium Cloride
D. Calcium Oxycloride
Ans-B. Solid Carbondioxide

56. Which of the following vitamin is called Ascorbic Acid?
A. Vitamin-A
B. Vitamin-B
C. Vitamin-C
D. Vitamin-K

Ans-C. Vitamin-C

57. What is the Chemical Name of Vitamin-D?
A. Tocopherol
B. Calciferol
C. Retinol
D. Thiamine
Ans-B. Calciferol

58. What is the life time of Red Blood Corpuscles (RBC)?
A. 90 days
B. 120 days
C. 20 days
D. 50 days
Ans-B. 120 days

59. Who is called the father of Blood Grouping?
A. Karl Landsteiner
B. Watson and Crick
C. James Blundell
D. Behring
Ans-A. Karl Landsteiner

60. Which of the following vitamin is water soluble?
A. Vitamin- A
B. Vitamin- D
C. Vitamin- K
D. Vitamin- B
Ans-D. Vitamin- B

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