General Knowledge Quiz Test-1.

1. Which is the capital of Afganistan?


2. Which is the currency of Japan?


3. Which organism is used for vermicomposting?


4. Which of the following animal has no blood but take breath?


5. The unit of momentum is 


6. The unit of power is


7. Camera is an optical instrument, which is used to


8. The impurest form of iron is


9. Which of the following chemical is used to find the leakage of LPG?


10. Which of the following acid is used in sour milk?


11. Which of the following gas is maximum combined in air?


12. Which of the following gas used to make a plastic?


13. Which of the following two stations Samjhota Express is running?


14. High speed and cold storm wind which flows in polar areas


15. Limestone is 


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