Science GK Questions (Part-1)

Shear This

41. EBOLA is a
A. Virus
B. Bacteria
C. Protozoa
D. Fungi

Ans- A. Virus

42. Red colour of Red sea due to
A. Moss
B. Fungi
C. Algae
D. Bacteria
Ans-C. Algae

43. Quinine is obtained from-
A. Pappaver
B. Canabies
C. Aconitum
D. Cinchona
Ans-D. Cinchona

44. Which one of the following is good source of protein?
A. Gram
B. Pea
C. Soyabean
D. Pegion Pea
Ans- C. Soyabean

45. An enzyme produced by HIV that allows the integration of HIV DNA into the host cell,s DNA is-
A. Helicase
B. Ligase
C. Integrase
D. DNA gyrase
Ans-C. Integrase

46. Coffee is obtained from which part of plant?
A. Flower
B. seed
C. leaf
D. fruit

Ans-B. seed

47. Clove is a-
A. fruit
B. vegetative bud
C. seed
D. dry flower bud
Ans-D. dry flower bud

48. Who is called father of Botany?
A. Aristotle
B. Darwin
C. Theophrastus
D. Linneus
Ans-C. Theophrastus

49. Study of flower is called-
A. Anthology
B. Agrosteology
C. Phenology
D. Polynology
Ans-A. Anthology

50. Who discovered Bacteria for the first time?
A. Leeuwenhook
B. Robert Hook
C. Louis Pasteur
D. Robert koach
Ans-A. Leeuwenhook

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