Science GK Questions (Part-1)

Shear This

51. Nitrogen fixing bacteria is useful in growing which crop?
A. Wheat
B. Paddy
C. Maiz
D. Legume

Ans- D. Legume

52. First organic compound made in laboratory was
A. Urea
B. Uric acid
C. Lactic Acid
D. Glucose
Ans-A. Urea

53. Gas used for artificial ripening of of fruit is
A. Propane
B. Ethane
C. Methane
D. Acetylene
Ans-D. Acetylene

54. Which of the following element is found in all organic compound?
A. C
B. Ca
C. N
D. O2
Ans- A. C

55. Which of the following is the most abundant element?
A. Silicon
B. Calcium
C. Oxygen
D. Nitrogen
Ans-A. Silicon

56. Which of the following is not a noble gas?
A. Neon
B. Radon
C. Hydrogen
D. Helium

Ans-C. Hydrogen

57. Which of the following is responsible for Ozone hole?
A. CO2
C. SO2
Ans-D. CFC

58. Which one of the followng is not a essential micronutrient for plants?
A. Boron
B. Zinc
C. Copper
D. Sodium
Ans-D. Sodium

59. Which one of the following is responsible for blue baby syndrome?
A. Fluoride
B. Nitrate
C. Arsenic
D. Lead
Ans-B. Nitrate

60. Bio gas is also known as
A. Gobar gas
B. Ethane
C. Helium gas
D. Carbon gas
Ans-A. Gobar gas

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