Science GK Questions (Part-1)

Shear This

81. Naturally Occuring Substance from which a metal can be profitably extracted is called-
A. mineral
B. ore
C. gangue
D. flux

Ans- B. ore

82. Brass contains –
A. Zn and Cu
B. Zn and Sn
C. Cu and Sn
D. Cu and Ni
Ans-A. Zn and Cu

83. Plaster of Paris is made from-
A. Marble
B. Bauxite
C. Limestone
D. Gypsum
Ans-D. Gypsum

84. Heating of a ore below of it,s melting point in the absense of air is called
A. Roasting
B. Smelting
C. Refining
D. Calcination
Ans- D.Calcination

85. What is the chemical name of common salt?
A. Sodium cloride
B. calcium carbonate
C. Sodium carbonate
D. sodium by carbonate
Ans-A. Sodium cloride

86. Which of the following metal do not form amalgam?
A. Zn
B. Mg
C. Cu
D. Fe

Ans-D. Fe

87. The chemical name of baking soda is-
A. sodium carbonate
B. sodium bi carbonate
C. Sodium chloride
D. sodium nitrate
Ans-B. sodium bi carbonate

88. The element which is not a liquid at room temperature
A. Hg
B. Ga
C. Br
D. Ge
Ans-D. Ge

89. Which one of the following is responsible for permanent hardness of water?
A. Magnesium bi carbonate
B. calcium sulphate
C. calcium bi carbonate
D. Sodium Cloride
Ans-B. calcium sulphate

90. The essential metal of an amalgam is
A. Iron
B. Mercury
C. Copper
D. any base
Ans-B. Mercury

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