Geography GK Questions

Shear This

11. Foucault experiment is the proof of
A. revolution of Earth
B. revolution of Moon
C. rotation of Earth
D. rotation of Moon

Ans- C. rotation of Earth

12. Comets revolve around
A. The Sun
B. The Earth
C. The Moon
D. The Venus
Ans-A. The Sun

13. Which of the following planet is called earth,s twin
A. Mars
B. Mercury
C. Venus
D. Saturn
Ans-C. Venus

14. Super nova is
A. an asteriod
B. a black hole
C. a dying star
D. a comet
Ans-C. a dying star

15. The earth rotates around its axis from
A. west to east
B. south to north
C. east to west
D. north to south
Ans-A. west to east

16. The international date line passes through
A. Baffin Bay
B. Bering Strait
C. Hudson Bay
D. Denmark Strait

Ans-B. Bering Strait

17. The name of the largest river in the world is-
A. Nile
B. Congo
C. Amazon
D. Ganges
Ans-C. Amazon

18. The name of the highest waterfall in the world is
A. Niagra Falls
B. Boyoma Falls
C. Angel falls
D. Victoria Falls
Ans-C. Angel falls

19. Which of the following strait separates Africa from Europe?
A. Hook strait
B. strait of Gibraltar
C. Palk strait
D. Bering Strait
Ans-B. strait of Gibraltar

20. The name of the highest Himalayan Peak in India is
A. Kanchengungha
B. Nanda Devi
C. Mount Averest
D. K-2
Ans-D. K-2

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