Important Current Affairs MCQ 2019

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51.Which State has formed a committee on the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) on 1 July?
A.Tamil Nadu
B.Andhra Pradesh
C.Uttar Pradesh
Correct Ans:Option B

Ans.B.Andhra Pradesh

52.Who is the Speaker of the 17th session of the Lok Sabha?
A.Om Birla
B.Virendra Kumar
C.Sumitra Mahajan
D.Arun Jaitley
Ans.A.Om Birla

53.Which article of Indian Constitution sets qualifications for being a member of Lok Sabha?
A.Article 40
B.Article 56
C.Article 67
D.Article 84
Ans.D.Article 84

54. When was the Ordinance for the Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Teachers’ Cadre) Bill 2019 issued?

55. Which of the following Bill did the LS pass to replace the ordinance issued in March?
A.Educational Institutions and Research (Reservation in Teachers’ Cadre) Bill 2018
B.Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Teachers’ Cadre) Bill 2019
C.Higher Education Commission of India Bill 2018
D.Education Amendment Bill 2019
Ans.B.Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Teachers’ Cadre) Bill 2019

56. Which of the following bank recently reinstate its CEO and ED?
A.Bank of Baroda
B.Bank of Maharashtra
C.Indian Bank
D.Canara Bank

Ans.B.Bank of Maharashtra

57. What type of bonds did RBI permit the Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) and Housing Finance Companies (HFC) to issue?
A.Partial Credit Enhancement
B.Investment-grade corporate bonds
C.Mortgage-backed bonds
D.Foreign bonds
Ans.A.Partial Credit Enhancement

58. What is the currency of Russia?
A.Russian ruble
B.Russian euro
C.Russian dollar
D.Russian dinar
Ans.A.Russian ruble

Explanation: The Russian ruble or rouble is the currency of the Russian Federation.
59. Which of the following country has secretly initiated talks with the Taliban against bypassing Afghan’s President Ashraf Ghani’s government?

60. Who is the President of China?
A.Moon Jae in
B.Xi Jinping
C.Kim Jung Yu
D.Wang Huning
Ans.B.Xi Jinping

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