Indian History General Knowledge

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61. By which ruler Pataliputra was chosen for the first time as a capital?
A. Udayin
B. Kalasok
C. Ajatasatru
D. Kanishka

Ans- A. Udayin

62. Where has the world’s largest monolithic statue of Buddha been installed?
A. Kandy
B. Bamiyan
C. Lhasa
D. Hyderabad
Ans-B. Bamiyan

63. Which is regarded as the Magna Carta of Indian education?
A. Wood’s Despatch
B. Sadler Commission
C. Hunter Commission
D. Wardha Scheme
Ans-A. Wood’s Despatch

64. The leader of the Bardoli Satyagraha (1928) was…
A. Mahatama gandhi
B. Mahadev Desai
C.Sardar vallabhbhai Patel
D. Vitthalbhai J. Patel
Ans- C. Sardar vallabhbhai Patel

65. Who headed the interim cabinet formed in the year 1946?
A. Rajagopalachari
B.Sardar vallabhbhai Patel
C.Jawahar Lal Nehru
D. Rajendra Prasad
Ans-C.Jawahar Lal Nehru

66. Buddha lived approximately at the same time as…
A. Confucius
B. Moses
C. Prophet Mohammad
D. hammurabi

Ans-A. Confucius

67. The word Aryan meaans?
A. Of Good family
B. Pastoral Society
C. Cultivator
D. Brahmachari
Ans-A. Of Good family

68. The doctrine of three jewels- right belief, Right conduct Right knowledge—is the crownings glory of…
A. Jainism
B. Buddhism
C. Christianity
D. None of these
Ans-A. Jainism

69. The first Governor-general of India was…
A. Lord canning
B. Lord clive
C. Lord William Bentick
D. Lord Lytton
Ans-C.Lord William Bentick

70. Who called Bal Gangadhar Tilak the ‘father of Indian unrest’ ?
A. Lord Curzon
b. Henry Cotton
C. Vincent Smith
D. Valentile Chirol
Ans-D. Valentile Chirol

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