Modern Indian History GK (Part-1)

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11.Who is the founder of Indian National Congress?
A. Womesh Chandra Banerjee
B. M.K Gandhi
C. Allan Octavian Hume
D. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Ans:-C. Allan Octavian Hume (Indian National Congress was founded in 1885 by Allan Octavian Hume and the first president was Womesh Chandra Banerjee.)

12. Who was the founder of “Home Rule League” in Kolkata in 1916 A.D?
A. Rash Bihari Bose
B. Lokmanya Tilak
C. Bipin Chandra Pal
D. Annie Besant
Ans:- D. Annie Besant

13. Who is the political guru of Mahatma Gandhi?
A. Gopal Krishna Gokhle
B. John Ruskin
C. Thoreau
D. Leo Tolstoy
Ans:- A. Gopal Krishna Gokhle

14. Who was the spiritual Guru of Mahatma Gandhi?
A. Thoreau
B. Gopal Krishna Gokhle
C. John Ruskin
D. Leo Tolstoy
Ans:- D. Leo Tolstoy

15. Indian National Congress was founded in the year
A. 1895
B. 1886
C. 1896
D. 1885
Ans:- D.

16.Who was the first President of Indian National Congress?

A. A.O Hume
B. Rasbihari Bose
C. Womesh Chandra Banerjee
D. Lala Lajpat Roy

Ans:-C. Womesh Chandra Banerjee

17. Who established the Ramakrishna Mission in Kolkata in 1896 for social work?
A. Swami Vivekananda
B. Annie Besant
C. Ramakrishna Paramahansa
D. Swami Dayananda Saraswati
Ans:-A. Swami Vivekananda

18. Who is among the following Viceroy was accompanied with the ‘Ilbert Bill conflict?
A. Lord Lytton
B. Lord Ripon
C. Lord Hardinge
D. Lord Curzon
Ans:-B. Lord Ripon

19. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was re-elected as the President of Indian National Congress at the Tripuri Session(1939) by defeating the candidate
A. Nellie Sengupta
B. J.B.Kriplani
C. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
D. Pattabhi Sitaramaiyya
Ans:-D. Pattabhi Sitaramaiyya

20.The precursor of Communism in India was
A. M.R.Jayakar
B. Nalin Gupta
C. M.N.Roy
D. Dange
Ans:-C. M.N.Roy

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