Modern Indian History GK (Part-2)
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Ancient Indian History Quiz (Part-2) Modern Indian History Quiz in Bangla

61. Who issued Fireman granting Diwani of Bengal, Bihar & Orissa to the English?
A. Ahmed Shah
B. Shah Alam ll
C. Bahadur Shah
D. Farrukhsiyar

Ans- B.Shah Alam ll

62. Who authored the book ‘Poverty and the Un-British Rule in India’?
A. Amartya Kumar Sen
B. Ramesh Chandra Dutt
C. Gopal Krishna Ghokhle
D. Dadabhai Naoroji
Ans-D.Dadabhai Naoroji

63. The Mohemmadan Anglo-oriental College of Aligarh was founded by…
A. Mohammad Ali
B. Md. Ali Jinnah
C. Shaukat Ali
D. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
Ans-D. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

64. The first railway line was laid down in India under which British Governor?
A. Lord Wellesley
B. Lord Lytton
C. Lord Curzon
D. Lord Dalhousie
Ans- D. Lord Dalhousie

65. Which Governor General had abolished slavery?
A. Lord Cornwallis
B. Sir John Shore
C. Lord Ellenborough
D. Lord William Bentick
Ans-C. Lord Ellenborough

66. Who presided over the first session of All India Kisan Sabha?
A. N.N. Ranga
B. Indulal Yajnik
C. Swami Sahajanand
D. P.C. Joshi

Ans-C. Swami Sahajanand

67. Who among the following was thrice elected president of the Indian National Congress?
A. Gopal Krishna Ghokhle
B. Dadabhai Naoroji
C. Shankaran Nair
D. Surendranath Banerji
Ans-B. Dadabhai Naoroji

68. Shyamji Krishna Verma established Indian Home Rule Society in…
A. Berlin
B. Paris
C. London
D. San Francisco
Ans-C. London

69. The book ‘Unto this Last’ which influenced Gandhi was authored by…
A. Pushkin
B. Ruskin Bond
C. Boris Yeltsin
D. John Ruskin
Ans-D.John Ruskin

70. The revolutionary association ‘Abhinav Bharat’ was setup in 1905 is…
A. Orissa
B. West Bengal
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Maharashtra
Ans-D. Maharashtra

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